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MARITIME REPLICAS has built a reputation for producing the finest, most accurate, and realistic “individually hand-built collector ships” and custom model ships in Kissimmee, FL, ranging in size from six inches to 20-foot long cutaway display models, whether it be a container ship or a famous cruise liner. 

Our ship models are collected for marketing, display, and gifts by the most fastidious collectors, shops, and corporate clients across America and around the World, including cruise lines companies, the Merchant Marine, and the US Navy.

Our website exhibits some photographs of the many models entrusted to us that portray the quality and expertise that we have developed over 25 years of continuous research, innovation, and our ever-increasing desire to keep striving for “better”!

Contact us at 305.921.9690, whether you are a corporation, government entity, or collector, and you will find that commissioning a replica maritime model is a fun and engaging process - one which is rewarded with something you will proudly display and treasure forever!

Hand-Built Collector Ships
Classic Liners
Model Cruise Ships
Cruise Ships
Shipping Industry Collectible Model Ships
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Special Scale Marine Reproductions
Bulk Carriers
Oceanic Reproductions
Promotional Gift Model
Nimitz Reagan Naval
Off-Shore Oil
Off - Shore Oil
Laney Chouest
Workboats & Tugboats
Warship Deck
Warships of Other Countries


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