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Maritime Replicas based in Kissimmee, FL always produces to the specific scale that is requested by the client, therefore are "custom” in the true sense of the word! However, with special bulk orders where we produce in groups to obtain the best efficiency (such as the CLASSIC LINERS) are always exceeded by a small run, and we now have a limited number of overstock ship reproductions available for instant sale!

We are therefore lowering the price to US$2,600.00, plus shipping and insurance.

Please note the unique PAY PAL offer that enables you to extend your payments for up to 6 months! (And we will cover PAY PAL’s Fee). Models will be shipped immediately upon receipt of the payment including the cost of shipping and insurance.

Overstock Ship Reproductions

S.S. Norway

Royal Mail Ship Models

R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth

Authentic Marine Art

R.M.S. Caronia

Steam Ship Replicas

S.S. Andrea Doria

Hand-Built Collector Ships

S.S. Preziosa

R.M.S. Queen Mary

R.M.S. Queen Mary

Queen Mary 2

Queen Mary 2


T.S.S. France

T.S.S. France


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